Making the magic happen, one app at a time

Through the development of my add-ons for G Suite I have a very good working knowledge of Google Apps Script that can be used to create bespoke systems and tools for organisations. I have written several scripts on commission for people who would like G Suite to do a little extra. 

If you have a project you would like a bespoke script for then please email

Charges are made on a quote basis once I have an understanding of the needs and requirements. I charge £25 per hour of coding or can discuss a one off fee for a project. I have completed short scripts for as little as £10 depending on the coding asked for. 

Please also see the Education Systems page for more information about my pre-made solutions for various school based problems or systems. All of these solutions can save an organisation lots of time and money as well as transforming old paper-based systems into modern electronic ones.