GDPR & Data Protection

All of our Add-ons are GDPR Compliant

GDPR Compliance

None of our add-ons collect any data whatsoever from the users of the add-on. Not so Magic Apps has no access to any of your Google Sheets/Slides/Docs/Forms that you implement our add-ons to. Therefore no data exchange takes place or is transferred meaning that Not so Magic Apps are 100% compliant to all Data Protection laws.

For more detailed information please look at our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service pages which explain the above fully.

Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)

As a company Not so Magic apps would be very happy to complete due diligence questionnaires and contribute to DPIAs. If you are purchasing a paid add-on then this would be done free of charge. If you would like this completed for one of our many free add-ons then there is a £10 charge for completion due to the time it takes to complete these forms.

Additional Points and Information (HIPAA & FERPA)

We have previously completed Business Associate Agreements covering HIPAA & FERPA for our customers in the US. Again we are happy to complete these free of charge for our paid add-ons but require a £10 charge for one of our free add-ons.

Not so Magic Apps Statements

  1. Please see our Terms of Service for our End User Licence Agreement

  2. Please see our Template Data Processing Agreement

  3. We have no appointed sub-processors but we do use Google Services which are covered by their agreements and contain encrypted and secure services

  4. Please do not hesitate to contact if you require further information or support with documentation