Making the magic happen, one app at a time

Welcome to the Not so Magic Apps website

We develop for Google Workspace as add-ons for Sheets, Docs, Slides and Forms. Here you can find out more information and direct links to the apps we have developed. 

We also provide scripting solutions for education systems as well as private programming commissioning work. Do check out the list of systems that can be implemented into your organisation for a small fee including detailed setup and personalisation. 

Use Magic Cell Notifications to monitor cells within your Google Sheet and automatically notify you via email or webhook such as Slack/Discord/Google Chat/Microsoft Teams when pre-set criteria or values are reached. The applications for this add-on are vast and the additional options allow for personalisation and flexibility to meet your needs. 

Create Digital Badges using images stored in your Google Drive that can be assigned to students. You can manage through Google Sheets which students have been awarded Digital Badges and the add-on will copy the relevant images to the correct student Google Drive folder.