Not so Magic Apps

Welcome to the Not so Magic Apps website.

Here you can find out more information and direct links to the apps we have developed. We develop for Google Workspace as add-ons for Sheets, Docs, Slides and Forms.

We also provide scripting solutions for education systems as well as private programming commissioning work. Do check out the list of systems that can be implemented into your organisation for a small fee including detailed setup and personalisation. 

Need a Google App Script?

If you would like a bespoke Google App Script created for your own project then these can be create on a fee basis. Please visit our Commissioning page for more information.

Need a School System using G Suite?

If you would like a bespoke school system using G Suite then please check out our Education Systems page. You will find examples of what you can purchase as well as ideas of the kind of systems you can request to be developed for you. 

Google Add-ons

Click on the logos below to find out more about each add-on

Over 2 million people are using the add-ons listed below each week 

*Not including Magic Digital Badges as this is currently 10 Million+*

Magic Digital Badges and Magic Cell Notifications have Paid features. To find out more about the pricing please click here 

MDB Free - Limited to 20 students & 5 Badges

MCN Free - Limited to 5 Rules (Cell & Multi) & 1 Rule (Row, Column, Range)

(Domain Wide Licences Available)

Got an idea for an app/add-on?

Please visit our Contact Us section to submit any ideas you have for apps/add-on that you would like to see developed by Not so Magic Apps!

Get more out of G Suite - A Teacher's Guide

The ultimate guide for any teacher using G Suite! This book will not only go through the fundamentals of using all of the G Suite applications but will give over 100 ideas of how teachers can get the most out of each application within an educational setting. From the simple ideas to the more complex solutions this book has it all.

UPDATED 2020 - This book has been updated in June 2020 due to COVID-19 and now includes a detailed section on using Google Meet as well as many other updates to G Suite. 

Written for teachers by a teacher and a passionate user of Google Apps. This book focuses on tips, tricks and ideas of how G Suite can be used by teachers both inside and outside of the classroom. Save yourself hours of time through clever tools and just helpful ideas of how to maximise your Google domain.

In order to reduce the cost I have also now produced a Black and White copy of the paperback which is considerably cheaper and there are links below.

** The Black & White Versions are significantly cheaper!**