Magic Exercise Book

Use this add-on to add the contents of a Google Doc/Slides to the end of all the Docs/Slides in a Google Classroom Assignment

This add-on has been specifically designed to use in conjunction with Google Classroom. If you have a Google Classroom Assignment with a Google Doc/Google Slides worksheet or presentation then you can use Magic Exercise Book to add additional pages/slides at a later date/time. 

Magic Exercise Book works from within Google Docs/Google Slides to allow you to copy the current Google Doc/Slides you are working on to the bottom of every students Google Doc/Slides within a Google Classroom Assignment. 

Essentially you are able to add additional work as you go without having to open each students work and manually copy it across. 

Magic Exercise Book has passed a App Defence Alliance Cloud Security Security Assessment. It has undergone this assessment due to its use of the Google Drive scope which it needs for its functionality. You can download the certificate at the bottom of the page. 

Video Tutorial 

Google Doc Tutorial (Docs)

Magic Exercise Book User Manual

Google Doc Tutorial (Slides)

Magic Exercise Book User Manual (Slides)