Magic Classroom 


Used by Super Admins to manage Google Classrooms for their domain. You have the ability to create classrooms, add or remove teachers and set owners. Work Scrutiny features are also built in. 

You can use this add-on to find all the details of Google Classrooms in your domain. You can also add, remove or make owner teachers to any of the Classrooms. This add-on can also be used for quality assurance / work scrutiny procedures and allows you to gather Classrooms for particular pupils and add teacher accounts to all of their Classrooms.

Control Buttons are:

List all of the Google Classrooms in your domain

Create Google Classrooms (Owner, Teachers & Students)

Add Teachers to any Classroom

Remove Teachers from any Classroom

Make Teachers owner of any Classroom

Find all of the Classrooms for a Pupil

Add an account to all of their Classrooms

Remove an account from all of their Classrooms

Tutorial (Video)

Tutorial (Docs)

Magic Classroom Admin User Manual