Magic Annotate & Mark

Add-on & Chrome Extension

You can use this application to quickly annotate your Google Docs/Slides.

Magic Annotate and Mark is now available as an Add-on for Google Docs and Slides and also as a Google Chrome extension for Docs. 


This add-on will load a sidebar menu for you and you can then access the annotation controls. 

Designed to help teachers mark work you can use this add-on to easily add annotations and images to Google Docs/Slides which you can then move around easily.

The add-on has built in Green Tick and Red Cross for faster marking. You can also pop-out the window for more detailed annotation. 

Chrome Extension

You can apply an annotation canvas to the entire Google Doc to allow for easier annotations and marking. You can also adjust colours and save your annotations to the Doc in one click. 

This extension is still under development but is available now to experiement with a use. Please feedback any problems or issues you find and we will aim to address them as soon as possible. 

Video Tutorial (Add-on)

Google Doc Tutorial (Add-on)

Magic Annotate & Mark User Manual