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Our pricing is very competitive. We want all of add-ons to be free or very affordable which is why we operate a cost per annum model rather than a monthly subscription service. For some of our add-ons you will find similar products charging more per month than our yearly subscription charge. Cheap does not mean poor quality and we work very hard to improve our add-ons and services. 

Magic Digital Badges

Limited to 20 students

Individual Subscription - £5.99 per year for unlimited students

Domain/Site Licence Pricing - £59.99 per year for unlimited users of your domain

Magic Cell Notifications

 Limited to 5 Rules (Cell & Multi) & 1 Rule (Row, Column, Range)

Individual Subscription - £5.99 per year for unlimited rules

Domain/Site Licence Pricing - £59.99 per year for unlimited users of your domain

Domain Subscriptions

You can apply for a domain subscription through the sidebar menu of the add-ons however you can also complete the form below to register your domain. An invoice with payment instructions will then be emailed out to you. 

Pricing, Renewals and Refunds

The Service’s features may change, including withdrawing or adding new features as well as changing the price. Our services rely on the Google Interface and environment and therefore if Google makes changes that affect the service we provide we cannot be held responsible. 

You may upgrade or cancel your renewal at any time by contacting If you have upgraded to a paid subscription and are not fully satisfied then you have 14 days to request a refund.  After this time no full or pro-rated refunds will be issued. It is therefore very important that you make the most of the 14 day free trial before committing to payment to ensure that the service meets your needs.

Until cancelled, purchased subscription to the Services will remain active but will not be automatically renewed. You will notified via email one month before your subscription comes to an end and there will be a link for renewal payment within the add-on sidebar.

Customers who purchased a one-time subscription to the Services or domain wide subscriptions, shall continue to be granted access, which will normally include upgrades for new features however this is not guaranteed.

Not so Magic Apps believes that loyal customers should always receive a cheaper renewal price that a new customer. If you renew your subscription during the renewal period you will be offered a discounted price. Failure to renew during this time means that you will have to pay the new user price once your original subscription has ended.